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  Ballot Access
By State And Type Of Ballot

538 Electoral College Votes In Total With 270 Needed To Win Election

Robert Quigley is On Ballot in 43 States as Write-In Candidate W/Access To 496 Votes

Write-In = Voters Write Robert Quigley In Choice For President On Ballot
If Voter Doesn't See Robert Quigley On Ballot Then Write his name In The Presidential Choice Section

States That Have Accepted Robert Quigley On The Ballot As A Write-In Candidate - 67 Electoral College Votes

Alabama, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Fee Payment States Robert Quigley Is Guaranteed To Be Printed On The Ballot - 28 Electoral College Votes
Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Vermont 

States Where Signature Gathering Is Mandatory And Robert Quigley Will Be Printed On The Ballot - 42 Electoral College Votes

Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Dakota

Sign Petition To Print Robert Quigley's Name On All State Ballots
Screen print form, complete and return to Robert Quigley

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