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Candidates' Positions

Supports Higher Minimum Wage To $16/Hr

Supports Tweaking SBA To Create 30 Million New Biz Owners

Supports Tweaking FHA To Raise Homeownership To 90%

Supports Returning Student Loans To Bankruptability Status

Supports Reforming Healthcare, Primary Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals aka QuigleyCare

Supports Building CO2 Scrubbers & DAC, Desalination Plants, Reforestation, Rewilding America, Electric Vehicles, Solar Homes, Wind Turbines

Supports Term Limits, Supreme Court & Judicial Reform

Supports Wall Street Reform, Eliminate Easy Speculation, Day Trading & Short Selling

Supports Cannabis Legalization At Federal Level, Safe Banking, Criminal Conviction Expungement

Supports Strong Military

Supports Authoritarianism & Weak State's Rights

Has 10+ Years Overseas Educational, Living & Career Experience

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Biden (D)


Quigley (I)

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Trump (R)

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Supports Easier Ballot Access For All Federal Candidates, Public Funding For All Federal Candidates & Universal Voting Mandate

Supports Top 10% Over The Needs Of The People

Supports Unregulated Abortion

Supports Federal Reserve Reform

Supports Mental Healthcare Reform

Supports Strong 2nd Amendment

Supports Housing The Homeless

Supports Veterans Benefits & VA

Supports Minimum Social Security Check of $3,000 Per Month

Supports Closed Southern Border

Supports Quashing Modern Drug War Perpetrated By China

Supports Independent Taiwan & Fully Supports All Democracies

Supports Reshoring All Overseas Production, Re-establish National Cottage Industry, Expansion Of Family Farms & Sustainable Agriculture

Supports Reduced Taxation, Elimination Of Property Taxes & Free Utilities For All Citizens 55 And Over

Supports Freedom Of Speech On All Digital Platforms And Universally

Supports Mandating Media Organizations Give Equal Time To All Politicians & Parties In Same Time Blocks Free As Public Service For Federal License

Supports That All Sexuality Issues Be Removed From Public Square & Returned To Private Bedroom Status

Supports Higher Taxes On All Folks Earning More Then $1 Million Per Year And On All Wealth Above $10 Million Per Person

Supports Limitations On Non-USA Citizens, Residents & Green Card Holders From Owning Real Estate

Candidates That Believe In Global Warming

Candidates That Believe In God

Candidates That Support 3rd Parties & Alternative Voting Systems

Candidates That Will & Know How To Tackle Inflation

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