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Canvassing Memorable Moments

Split Rock PA (1).jpg
Split Rock PA (2).jpg.JPEG

Split Rock PA Lake Harmony Resort - First known pup to be named Quigley; companion of a retired Marine Combat Veteran and MaryAnn. Recruiting grassroots foot soldiers too. Started the day at 18 F and ended in mid 30s F. Show was rocking!

Canvassing Memorable Moments

Canvassing Washington DC Freedom Plaza.jpg

Texas Oil Man Voter & Robert Quigley Chewing The Fat At Freedom Plaza Downtown Washington, DC Near Whitehouse

TV News Interview With New Federal State Of China Group In Front Of Supreme Court Building

Supreme Court Canvassing Federal China Group News Interview.JPEG
Fairmont WV Gun Show.JPG

Family From Sacramento CA Learning About Robert Quigley America's Independent In Front Of Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Canvassing.JPEG

Had a great time meeting voters while selling my extremely talented wife’s leather crafts at Showmasters Gun Show in West Virginia.  Folks, we are on the road to the White House and we need your votes. Please explore my campaign website and consider donating.

Supporter Map -11/5/2023 With Each Tiny Dot Representing 10,000 supporters. Join Our Team. Spread The Word. Together We Will Make America Great For EVERYBODY!

IMG_0731Supporter Map 11-5-2023.jpg
Fisherville VA.JPG

Craft Show In Fishersville VA Engaging With 1,000 Old Friends, Supporters & Voters. New Castle DE Antique Gun Show Was Another Stop On The Road To The WhiteHouse Tour This Weekend.

Gun Show In Morgantown PA Engaging With 3,000 Old Friends, Supporters & Voters.  Another Stop On The Road To The White House Tour This Weekend.

Morgantow PA Gun Show.JPG
Cracker Barrel Dinner (1).JPG

Yummy dinner in Quigley 2024's favorite restaurant - Cracker Barrel Somewhere along I-95 in MD.

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