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The Free Rider Problem & Democracy Dies

In political and social sciences, the free-rider problem is a type of market failure that occurs when those who benefit from resources, public goods, common pool resources and new law reforms do not pay for them or under-pay. Examples of such goods are presidential elections, public roads, public libraries, public services, military, education, healthcare and other goods of a communal nature. Free riders are a problem for common pool resources because they overuse it by not paying.

In presidential campaigns free riders are a major problem that will end American democracy as we know it. The facts are 87% of folks don't donate. This leaves the 13%, mostly the top 13% of earners doing 100% of the donations. Result is that 87% of the population get nothing to very little from government but end up paying nearly 100% of the taxes.

The consequences get worse. Why? The donors want yes men and will do everything possible to prevent leaders supporting the populace. We see the news. We hear the chatter. Rich donors fear candidates that are popular with the vast majority of voters because they want vicarious control.

So the ultimate result is authoritarianism and dictatorships because hey if the masses fail to donate, fail to vote and engage; essentially fail to financially support candidates with their best interest at heart then the brutal rich will fill the vacuum.

Join Team, America. Spread the word as far and wide as possible. Donate whatever you can spare as both big and small dollars help. Together we will make America work for all of us. 

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