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Robert Quigley University of Cambridge Scholarship

Robert Quigley spent a couple of academic years at the University of Cambridge as an undergraduate and earned an LLM from Cambridge. One of his great grandfathers had long ago earned a bachelors degree from the University of Oxford. His time at Cambridge, an 850 year old university, was a pinnacle achievement that marked an amazing success story coming off a world wind and often chaotic childhood. To those that mount mountain tops much is expected in return. A Cambridge graduate has caused or been present at every meaningful historical or pivotal event during the last 850 years and this tradition we must continue.

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Terms & Conditions

Raffle - University of Cambridge Graduate Full Scholarships - 20 Awards

The Robert Quigley University of Cambridge Graduate Scholarship Fund will award 20 full scholarships worth about $50,000 each for a masters degree from the University of Cambridge in the 2025/2026 academic year.


Qualifications - Recipients will have earned at least a bachelors degree from any accredited university on the planet. They will be USA citizens. They will be accepted to study at the University of Cambridge in the 2025/2026 academic year. Any field of study will be accepted.


Monetary Threshold - The proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets will have to exceed $5 Million dollars by March 1, 2025.


Raffle Tickets - Sold in amounts of $20 per ticket, bought at the Robert Quigley For President website with a credit card that matches the buyer's name as it appears on their passport.


Disbursement - Names of all buyers that bought raffle tickets that provide proof of acceptance to the University of Cambridge by the drawing date of June 1, 2025 will have their funds paid directly to their Cambridge College for appropriate accounting.

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