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An Interview With Robert Quigley

An Interview With Robert Quigley

Arron Cockell & Robert Quigley bring insight, understanding and thoughtful rigorous thinking to the problems that bind us. Every campaign is a story. Every candidate has a view. Here we peer into the soul of a man that understands where America came from, where America is, and where the USA and world must go without undue delay. A strongly entrepreneurial man with 40 years of self reliant business experience including ten years of global travels, education, and career projects. He is the man to lead this great Nation and planet to a place in time and history where everybody wins! An exciting read that can't be put aside will spark countless conversations for generations to come. Join the team.  


Sales on campaign website here at 20% off the list price of $16.25 which will be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Walmart once book is released plus 15 other book distribution platforms.

Digital copies are $12.99.


Paperbacks Available at Amazon for $15.99.

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