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Recruitment & Projects

Campaign Managers HQ 

The Quigley Campaign & Independents Party needs 20 Campaign Managers to reach donors, voters, supporters, Campaign Field Managers and associates across America. The best campaign managers earn $100,000+ per year. Full time but hours, days and times are partially flexible. All Campaign Managers start with a base pay stipend and bonus. Experience is required.


Candidates must be comfortable chatting with strangers. Customer service experience is highly prized. Any level of education is ok. Candidates must have a strong interest and general knowledge of American politics.


Campaign Managers must cold call voters, execute local social media campaigns, organize local fundraisers in coffee shops, restaurants and other community venues, help build campaign newsletter email lists, help collect ballot signatures, distribute campaign materials and lead local volunteer staff in fundraising and get out the vote rallies. The position requires constant communication and coordination with state and county field managers.

Campaign Managers must have deep roots in their portfolio of state(s).


Start by reviewing the videos attached to the bottom of the campaign website Home Page.


All Campaign Managers must use Apple products, iPhones, and Microsoft based systems. Candidates will need to bring both their laptop and cell phones to office and use those items as their primary communication tools. Video conferencing is frequent. All folks must work in office. Position is Not work from home. Job will be considered an Independent Contractor's role. Travel will occur from time too time.

Email resume & references.

Call Robert Quigley at 202-578-8390.


Social Media & Digital Experts HQ

Quigley is looking for a couple of computer experts that know everything there is to know about all digital tools useful to the campaign including websites, social media, media, email campaigns, SEO, texting, marketing, network building, promotion with digital tools, voter outreach through digital, video conferencing, power point presentations, and team building just to name a few.

Candidate must have cell phone, laptop and top computer equipment at their disposal.

Job is located in HQ and is Not work from home. Travel is required from time to time.


Job requires innovation as campaign aims to use digital tools to the fullest extent possible to win the White House.

Remuneration is a base pay stipend with a bonus. Job will be considered an Independent Contractor's role.


Email resume and references.

Call Robert Quigley at 202-578-8390.

The Men Who Changed Destiny.jfif

Presidential Candidate Management Fellow HQ

The Robert Quigley For President Campaign is looking for recent college graduates that majored in political science or related field with a working knowledge of economics, Wall Street, entrepreneurialism, climatic change and other key issues Americans face in their daily lives. Candidates will travel extensively with Robert Quigley and his campaign tour across the USA in 2023 & 2024. Candidates will have to love both local and national politics and stay abreast of same every day. Position requires comfort in crowds. Constant communication via email, text messages, cell phone calls etc. will be required with large numbers of supporters, voters and other stake holders in the campaign. Campaign will be gathering large numbers of signatures across America. Campaign will be hiring Campaign Field Managers in each state and the executive team will be in constant contact with these individuals. The essence of this position is research, communication, issue understanding, secretarial, gofer, "do what needs to be done" to accomplish our goals. Must be a team player.


Candidates must be registered as Independents and produce their registration cards / proof. Computer mastery is a must. Social media tools mastery is a must. Position requires full use of cell phones, laptop computers both apple and Microsoft.

Position is in HQ and Not a work from home gig. Job will be considered an Independent Contractor's role.

Remuneration is a base pay stipend with bonus.


Candidates must produce three references, full college transcripts and writing samples of any kind all emailed to RobertQuigleyForPresident@Gmail.Com .


Call Robert Quigley at 202-578-8390.


Ghost Writers, Media Experts & Talent Pros

Quigley is looking to add 24 ghost writing & publishing partners to the team. We will produce at least 24 books, a documentary, a movie, countless stump speeches, academic seminars, iHeartRadio shows and YouTube videos. We are looking for seasoned professionals with top degrees & experience ghost writing, illustrating and publishing books on the Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Walmart digital platforms. Marketing to the 18 to mid 30s crowd is an absolute must. Candidates must have writing, editing and artistic experience. Deadlines must be met. Candidates should hold degree(s). Marketing is a necessary skill set. On top of these requirements a sense of entrepreneurialism is a must. Candidates that are political Independents are a must.


Candidates will work directly with Robert Quigley. Remuneration is based on the sales of each project. So the candidate will be paid 25% of all sales of each book project he or she commences, builds and completes for a period up to December 31, 2028. The contract may be extended four more years to the end of the potential 2nd term if Robert Quigley should win and hold two terms of office. Otherwise the contract will end with election results announced early November 2024. All remuneration payments will be paid monthly and based on a percentage of monthly sales. First book is likely to take 2 to 3 months to write and publish with first paycheck coming the end of Q1 or Q2 2023. Presidential Candidate books typically make the New York Times Best Seller List so remuneration should be substantial.

If you have other skills that might fit under this heading then contact Quigley for discussions. Job will be considered an Independent Contractor's role.

Email resume & references.

Call Robert Quigley at 202-578-8390.


Fundraisers & Corporate Sponsor Pros

Quigley is recruiting fundraisers all across America in every city, county and state. Fundraisers can earn $100,000+ per year. Applicants should be comfortable building and working their networks by relating platform details to donor needs. Above all we are looking for problem solvers solving problems. Note that many successful fundraisers set up cold calling rooms, use twitter, Instagram, Facebook, emails and all other social media platforms. We heavily use zoom and google-meet video chat platforms to reach audiences and stay in touch. Fundraisers receive a 20% commission on all funds raised.

The Campaign is looking to add corporate sponsorship professionals to the 2024 campaign team. Candidates will have extensive experience in marketing within the top echelon of corporate America. Candidates may work from anywhere in America. They must be well educated self starters. The goal of the position is to land between 100 and 250 corporate sponsors. Sponsors will receive ad spots / boxes on our campaign website which is expected to receive 100 million+ visitors in the next two years. Sponsors will pay an upfront fee and receive plugs along the campaign trail, iHeartRadio shows, podcasts and rallies which are expected to land in at least 1,000 locations across America between our stump speeches, comedy shows, performing arts / theatre productions plus countless podcast and old media appearances. The job candidate should find themselves in the middle of the political spectrum. They will need to hit the ground running. See campaign website, its links and the 200+ videos attached to get a better understanding of our activities and campaign structures.


Candidates will be paid a 20% cut of all sponsorship contracts executed on behalf of the campaign. Candidate will work directly with Robert Quigley on a daily basis as we chart this course. Job Candidate should be very comfortable working in and around political teams. Zoom and Google Meet video platforms are a must. Job will be considered an Independent Contractor's role.


Email resume & references.

Call Robert Quigley 202-578-8390.

The Brave Start Of A National Journey.jfif

Volunteers (with potential pay) are needed to help the Robert Quigley For President Campaign reach out to voters, donors and supporters all across America. Volunteers will have cell phones and computer systems. Volunteers will help promote the Campaign, the YouTube Channel, Campaign Website, Campaign Live Stream broadcast, iHeartRadio shows and organize local fundraising events,  help collect local voter signatures for ballot access and help gather voter feedback as it relates to their needs and desires for the federal government.

Volunteers will be offered a 20% commission for all funds raised through their fundraising efforts. Campaign Field Manager positions will be offered to the best volunteers. The best volunteers will be offered permanent Independents Party careers. 
Job will be considered an Independent Contractor's role.


Full and part time schedules are ok. Call Robert Quigley at 202-578-8390 or email the campaign.


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Campaign Director Job Description.jpg

Campaign Director - 500 Positions Available

Presidential Cabinet (1).jfif
Presidential Cabinet (2).jfif

Cabinet Secretaries Undersecretaries & Executive Branch Leaders SES Positions

The Robert Quigley For President Campaign is forming his shadow government and is looking to add 1 Vice Presidential Running Mate, 24 Cabinet Secretaries (Leaders), 24 Cabinet Undersecretaries (Leaders) and 50 campaign managers one per state that will transition to government positions and or executive party positions. Candidates should hold advanced degrees, love politics, be registered as an independent, possess entrepreneurial experience, communication skills, analytical skills and leadership skills. Each candidate must have relevant knowledge and industry experience for the position. Other education and experience will be considered provided talent exists. Marketing & advocacy are necessary skill sets. On top of these requirements a sense of entrepreneurialism is a must. Candidates that are political Independents philosophically are a must.


Candidates will work directly with Robert Quigley to first execute a grassroots Presidential Campaign in their state and then transition to Washington DC to run their portfolio. Candidates will be taken two from each state. Salary during the campaign will be based on a 25% percentage of all funds they can raise. Otherwise they will need to be self supporting during the campaign phase of the job.


For a more detailed job description of each position Google their official job descriptions. The Quigley Administration will hire based on relevant education and experience NOT political cronyism. Candidates will need to excel in campaigning then display exceptional leadership, advocacy, problem solving and management skills.


Level I: Cabinet-level officials $226,300

Level II: Deputy secretaries of depts, secretaries of military departments, & heads of major agencies $203,700

SES Positions: 4,000+ at $141,000+ per year.


Position can start part time and then build as campaign progresses. Campaign events are expected to start immediately and happen at least twice per week in your state and ramp up to daily events as elections approach.


Robert Quigley will fill all positions based on merit and accomplishment only.


Contact Robert Quigley with questions and comments.


See campaign website here . Call Robert Quigley at 202-578-8390.

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